Our Story

Our Story

Hundley v.Garnier 2011 BCSC 414 Docket: S074091. SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.

We hope that by sharing our experience with the real estate fraud, legal and judicial corruption others will come forward and share theirs. Together we all can help expose and weed out corruption to make our society a better place. Our story is based on material and documented evidence. Judge Greyell altered, covered up, misrepresented the evidence. We want to get back the $369,000+ that was extorted from us.

Raymond Hunter entered the Garniers property pretending to be a realtor in their area canvasing for property listings. Mr.Hunter was a very crafty, cunning and clever Salesman. The Garniers had no idea that Mr. Hunter was in their home with the intention to scam them, they were unsuspecting victims.

The Garniers are not sophisticated in real estate, Mrs.Garnier has never bought or sold any real estate. Mr.Garnier whose first language is French always retained the services of a Realtor when he bought or sold his residence. Mr.Hunter failed to disclose to the Garniers he was working for or with his long term business associate, Lucy Hundley. He failed to disclosed to Prudential United Realty that he entered the Garniers property as the agent for Ms.Hundley. The managing broker testified that Mr.Hunter was the realtor for the Garniers NOT Ms.Hundley. Our Exclusive Listing Contract is evidence[attached].

Mr.Hunter asked us to try his services for 45 days, He advised us the real estate market was dropping but promised to get us the highest price possible if we start with a low listing price of $900,000 to attract multiple buyers(multiple offers). He promised to get us a newer property for $900,000 in Kerrisdale. He promised to advertise our property on his webpage and the MLS. We were unaware that Mr. Hunter and Ms.Hundley were secretly working to acquire our property for a low price through a private business deal. At trial the managing broker for Prudential United was also surprised to find out that Mr.Hunter had entered our property as the agent for Ms.Hundley. He testified Mr. Hunter never disclosed this to him.

After inducing us into trying his services for 45 days, Mr.Hunter provided us with a photocopy of the front portion of a Working with a Realtor Brochure which list the three types of Agency Relationships, out of the three, we selected to have an Agency Relationship Agreement with Prudential United Realty and Mr.Hunter and signed the Exclusive Listing Contract provided to us by Mr.Hunter on February 8, 2007. None of the other listed Agency Relationships were discussed or provided to us, by Mr. Hunter, he never informed us he was working as a Limited Dual Agent, our Exclusive Listing Contract is evidence.