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6 A Yes.

7 Q Okay. And it starts off:


9 Services provided in the listing and

10 marketing of your home include —


12 And I emphasize:


14 — but are not limited to —


16 So this doesn’t mean this is what you’re

17 limiting your services to, correct?

18 A What I — yes, what I’m suggesting there is that

19 if — if there was something that developed during

20 the course of the situation, that, you know, quite

21 obviously, I would be able to perform that in

22 benefit of Mr. and Mrs. Garnier.

23 Q Sorry, what do you mean by “something that

24 developed”?

25 A Well, again, this is — basically it’s just

26 allowing — what I’m saying is that, you know

27 these are the — the four main ingredients of the

28 terms of reference, but just as it indicates, that

29 not necessarily limited to that.

30 Q So is there any — do you have anything in writing

31 or any evidence that suggests you agreed to not

32 put the Garniers’ property on the MLS or told them

33 you weren’t going to put their property on the MLS

34 listing?

35 A Could you rephrase your question?

36 Q Is there anything that evidences the Garniers

37 telling you that they didn’t want you to put their

38 property on the MLS?

39 A No. Essentially it’s their testimony against my

40 testimony.

41 Q Is there anything that evidences the fact that you

42 told them you wouldn’t put their property on the

43 MLS listing?

44 A No. Again, it’s their testimony against my

45 testimony.

46 Q And so there’s nothing showing that you wouldn’t

47 put it on your web page and do the normal

Page 668

1 marketing that you would?

2 A Yes. But again, going back to your earlier

3 questions as to, you know, how would I prove this,

4 there’s no logical way you could.

5 Q Yet earlier in this document it says that you will