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1 the value of the property further as the

2 density allotment goes up.


4 A Um-hum.

5 Q So the SkyTrain is going to increase the value of

6 the property?

7 A On that particular property —

34 Q So by chance Ms. Hundley’s three properties are

35 all under-assessed and the Garniers’ are

36 over-assessed?

37 A Well, the — the Garniers’ property, in my early

38 testimony, was assessed an increase of $112,000

Mr.Hunter examination for discovery day 2 April 14, 2010

Page 252

4 1382 Q How is it that Ms. Hundley’s properties have all

5 gone up from the assessment value but the

6 Garniers’ have gone down? What are your feelings

7 about that?

8 MR. BLANCHARD: Don’t answer that.

Lucy Hundley trial transcripts about Mr.Hunter’s March 19, 2007 letter to her.

12 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff)In chief by Mr. McKendrick

32 Q All right. If you could turn to page 14, please,

33 in that book. Do you recognize that document?

34 A Yes. That’s a letter that Ray would have given me

35 to do with costs for redevelopment.

36 Q All right.

37 A And how much square footage I would be allowed to

38 build on the property.

39 Q Now, would you just tell the court please what —

40 what you took from that letter, how important it

41 was to you? What the point of it was that — what

42 part did it play in your decision making and, et

43 cetera?

44 A Well, that I was going to — I felt confident of

45 going ahead with this. The — I could meet those

46 costs and I’m — I was quite confident that I

47 could sell the units.

Hundley testified she gave Mr. Hunter’s March 19,2007 letter to her bank

71 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff) (Recalled)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

21 Q Okay. If I could have you turn to page 14. Do

22 you recognize this document? It’s a three-page

23 document.

24 A Mm’hmm.

25 Q Do you recognize this?

26 A Well, it’s addressed to me.

27 Q And that was your address at the time?

28 A Yup. So I — I presume that was all given to me.