Our Story

28 A Between Prudential and the Garniers, correct.

29 Q And you’re acting —

30 A As —

31 Q — as —

32 A And I’m obviously acting as Prudential’s

33 representative.

672 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party) Cross-exam by Mr.Davison

9 Q — your responses to the questions.

10 So it’s your response that because it was easy

11 to change, that you felt you didn’t have the

12 Garniers — need the Garniers to initial the

13 change?

14 A Well, there was no — there was no need to have

15 them initial something that is quite obvious.

16 Q Mr. Hunter, you appreciate that yourself and the

17 Garniers are not on equal footing, right? You’re

18 the professional and you’re the agent, and they’re

19 the client, correct?

20 A Yes.

21 Q Okay. And you — you appreciate that that

22 comes — your responsibilities, or your position,

23 there comes duties and responsibilities, correct?

24 A Yes.

25 Q Okay. And they’re relying on you for your

26 expertise and —

27 A Yes.

28 Q Okay. And so if there’s — if there’s issues

29 with, for example, changing a contract without

30 getting the proper initials or the dates, it falls

31 to you to — to correct those problems, correct?

32 A That’s correct.

33 Q So you really should have got the Garniers to

34 initial the change from the 1 to the 2?

35 A I disagree with you. As I said, it’s perfectly

36 legible. If, for whatever reason, that entire

37 figure was crossed out and it was illegible then

38 it would make sense to have, you know, the

39 Garniers initial it.

Mr. Hunter also altered the Property Disclosure Statement without our knowledge and initials.

The Property Disclosure Statement[attached #5 in Documents] was completed and signed by the Garniers on February 8,2007 the same day the Exclusive Listing Contract and photocopy of a Realtor Brochure was signed.

Mr.Hunter altered the date on the PDS. There was no discussion about oil tanks on February 08, 2007.

Evidence: the Property Disclosure Statement has an oil tank disclosure; under 1.G which we completed and signed on February 8, 2007. The only discussion about the Property Disclosure Statement was section 2.J where a sump was disclosed and explained by us in section 3 the PDS.