Our Story

10 Q So it’s — it’s your position that by April 11th

11 you had no idea why the Garniers were not going to

12 complete?

13 A No. Not really, no.

14 Q Okay.

15 A ‘Cause they — initially, when I put the offer in

16 they accepted that offer of 912 right away. There

17 was no counteroffer.

In his attempts to cover up his lies Mr.Hunter continued to stumble. He testified at his Examination for Discovery that he presented the Garniers with Hundley’s Offer around 6:30 pm on February 13, 2007.

At Trial he testified he told the Garniers on February 13, 2007 afternoon that their Counter Offer was accepted. it was impossible for him to accept our Counter Offer before even presenting us with the Offer.

Raymond Hunter Examination for Discovery(April 13, 2010, Page 130).

14 727 Q Okay. And then on the 13th — the morning of the

15 13th, you called the Garniers?

16 A Yes, as my recollection.

17 728 Q Do you remember who you spoke to?

18 A Susan.

19 729 Q And do you remember what you told her?

20 A Just that I had an offer from Mrs. Hundley and it was

21 very, very brief. She suggested that I bring it over

22 and show it to them that evening.

23 730 Q And is that what you did?

24 A Yes.

25 731 Q So after work type of hours, 5:00, 6 o’clock?

Page 131

1 A I think it was closer to 6:30.

549 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)In chief by Mr. Blanchard

20 Q Okay. Prior to making that arrangement did you

21 have any contact with the Garniers in respect to

22 the counteroffer?

23 A Well, I had — on the 13th, I had advised the

24 Garniers that the counteroffer had been accepted.

25 Q Okay. Did you provide the Garniers with any

26 copies of the —

27 A Yes, —

28 Q — counteroffer?

29 A — I did. As I recall, I took copies to their

30 house later that day. It would have been late

31 afternoon, I believe. And I can’t recall exactly,

32 but memory seems to indicate that there was nobody

33 home at that time. I left copies in the — the