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37 professional business deal that we did that I had

38 confidence in him.

29 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff) (Recalled)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

5 Q And he’s been your real estate agent?

6 A Most of the times, yes.

7 Q Does he assist you with other matters? Any

8 other —

9 A Yes.

10 Q What other things has he assisted you in?

11 A At the time I became single he assisted me in —

12 in going over some properties that I had jointly

13 with my ex-husband.

Raymond Hunter Examination for Discovery transcripts, April 13, 2010. Relationship with Hundley.

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9 217 Q Do you know any other of Ms. Hundley’s family

10 members?

11 A Yes, I know all of her family members.

12 218 Q Is there many of them? Can you list them for me?

13 A She has three daughters and two sons.

14 219 Q And also her sister, Ms. Hundley’s sister?

15 A Yes, I know her sister.

16 220 Q She only has one sister?

17 A Yes.

18 221 Q And how did you come to know her family?

19 A Well, I was introduced to them when they were

20 children at the time that I first met them in 1988

21 and then later through doing the transaction on their

22 own personal residence.

Mr.Hunter worked for Hundley outside of his area — Eastside of Vancouver, Sunshine Coast etc.,

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15 A I sold her a property on I think it was East 40th

16 Avenue.

17 203 Q Do you remember 40th and what?

18 A I think it was — it was the 100 block East 40th.

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4 207 Q Any other transactions?

5 A I wrote a contract for her daughter — on behalf of

6 her daughter for a property that they bought in Comox

7 on a private sale.

Ms.Hundley’s trial transcripts

3 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff)In chief by Mr. McKendrick

34 Q Prior to — prior to owning the apartment what

35 experience had you had with buying and selling

36 real estate?

37 A I had a lot of experience buying and selling

38 ’cause my ex-husband and I that — we did do that.