Our Story

385 Susan Garnier (a Defendant)Cross-exam by Mr. McKendric

39 Q Can I ask you to turn to page 47 of that

40 transcript. And question 258. See, I asked you

41 the question there:


43 Q You had no intention of closing anyway?


45 And your answer was:


47 A Because we lost the deal in West

Page 386

1 Vancouver, we had no intention of

2 closing.


4 A Yeah, based on the deposits we didn’t receive,

5 yes.

6 Q Okay. You were asked that question and you gave

7 that answer, yes?

8 A Yes.

9 Q And then I asked you the question:


11 Q Because you lost your deal on the West

12 Vancouver home, you had no intention of

13 closing with Mrs. Hundley?


15 You said:


17 A Based on the deposits we didn’t receive,

18 yes.

[BCSC at para 127] Judge Greyell distorted the evidence as Mrs.Garnier has never spoken to Mr.Coombe.