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32 agreement?

33 A Right.

Unknown to us Mr.Hunter had a secret arrangement with Ms.Hundley to pay him accordingly.

He also constructed the Exclusive Listing Contract requiring we pay him a 2.4% commission. Fraud.

597 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

42 Q There is an agreement that you can have with a —

43 a buyer where they would pay the commission,

44 correct?

45 A That’s correct.

46 Q Pardon me?

47 A Yes. That’s correct.

Page 598

1 Q Is it something you spoke to Ms. Hundley about?

2 A No. Essentially a buyer agency agreement listing

3 is predominantly there for the brokerage to ensure

4 that if they find a property for the buyer that

5 they will be paid. In this instance, I had dealt

6 with Mrs. Hundley for quite a number of years and

7 I knew that, you know, she had a level of loyalty

8 towards me in that area, so I had no concerns in

9 terms of, you know, being paid accordingly if I

10 were to find her a property.

Raymond Hunter Examination for Discovery Page 151

21 840 Q Do you think that — do you think you would have been

22 incorrect to ask the Garniers and Ms. Hundley to sign

23 a dual agency agreement when you approached the

24 Garniers?

25 MR. BLANCHARD: Don’t answer that question.

The licensing practice manual states that their realtors have to get the written consent from the Seller or buyer before acting as a Limited Dual Agent.

Agency agreement: “Agency agreement” is used to denote the representation agreement, entered into between a broker or brokerage firm and client, that establishes the relationship of agency between them. This term includes listing, buyer agency and dual agency agreements.

Client: “Client” is used to identify a broker’s principal, that is, the person with whom the broker or brokerage firm has entered into an agency relationship.

  1. WORKING WITH A REALTOR BROCHURE[Exhibit B] Signed February 8, 2007.

Mr. Hunter provided the Garniers with a photocopy of the front portion of this Brochure. From the three choices of Agency Relationships listed, the Garniers selected to have an Agency Relationship Agreement.

Stephen Tidder, Mananging Broker for Prudential United Realty – Trial Transcript Vol.4.