Our Story

22 conversation with Mrs. Garnier on the 21st of

23 March, she also emphasized that they wished to

24 keep the agreement verbal.

25 Q And that’s reiterated here, as well, in the last

26 sentence, which is:


28 There is no need for a rental agreement as

29 you are taking care of things.


31 The next paragraph goes on to say:


33 You recently sent us listings of properties

34 in Burnaby on East Hastings.


36 That’s true as well, correct?

37 A As per the letter of the 2nd of April, yes.

38 Q Okay. And it goes on to say:


40 You know we want a property on the West

41 side. You suggested Kerrisdale and that you

42 could get us a property on a quite street,

43 newer and for a lower price. Now you think

44 that — you said that Burnaby would be

45 appropriate for us.


47 That’s also accurate?

719 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 A No, it is definitely not accurate. I at no time

2 said that they could get a property in Kerrisdale

3 on a quite street. And this goes back to my

4 testimony a short while ago that they vastly were

5 overestimating, you know, what their capabilities

6 were.

22 Q Okay. So the next sentence:


24 After finalizing the contract of purchase

25 and sale for your friend, all of a sudden

26 our property is worth a lot more.


28 That was true, as well? You were saying that

29 the market had started going up in — in mid 2007,

30 correct?

31 A The market did in fact start going up.

37 Q And then it goes on to say:


39 You still have not responded to our letter

40 dated March 19th, 2007 with regards to our

41 concerns and the two deposits which were

42 made by the buyer according to the terms of

43 the contract of purchase and sale agreement.