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FACTS: Ms.Hundley testified she was not asked to sign a Limited Dual Agency Agreement.

Ms.Hundley discovery transcript page 40, Q.313

Q Were you asked to sign an agency agreement — limited

dual agency agreement with Mr. Hunter?

A I don’t believe so.

[British Columbia Supreme Court para 34] J. Greyell altered and covered up the evidence.

FACTS: Mr.Hunter prepared the OFFER at his home BEFORE he took it to Ms.Hundley residence to get it signed(He DID NOT prepare the OFFER in Ms.Hundley’s presence).

681 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

31 Q Okay. Now, you say when you ran this off you

32 printed them off at your home computer?

33 A Yes, I did.

Page 682

45 Q And you say that you did all — there’s quite a

46 few pages here, but you did the first five pages

47 from your printer at home?

683 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 A Everything that is in print form came off my

2 printer on the late afternoon, early evening of

3 the 12th of February.

5 Q Okay. And this was all printed, as I said, from

6 your home office, I believe?

7 A That’s correct.

8 Q And page 5 of 5 is one of those that you printed

9 from your home office?

10 A Yes.

686 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

24 Similarly, the change that I made, I made, as

25 I have just said, prior to leaving my house. In

26 other words, prior to putting this before

27 Mrs. Hundley.

29 Q You did this at your home?

30 A That’s correct.

31 Q So why didn’t you just reprint it correctly?

32 A Well, again I’ll state what I had stated in

33 earlier testimony, I believe in September, is that

34 I had spent a good part of the afternoon preparing

35 information and a pro forma for Mrs. Hundley, and

36 it got to the stage where I basically had a

37 shorter period of time before I was due at

38 Mrs. Hundley’s.

[BCSC at para 36] Again Judge Greyell altered and misrepresented the evidence.