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6 do that. I point you to “Listing brokerage agrees

7 as follows …”

8 So it says in here you will send it to other

9 brokerages and provide property — information

10 about the property to prospective buyers and other

11 brokerages. And then at the back it says that you

12 will do also further services, and then what

13 you’re saying now is that more of them if you had

14 to?

15 A If — If you’re referring again to the first line,

16 if there were other services that I deemed

17 necessary, and in this particular instance it

18 would be related to this particular buyer, which

19 would be Mrs. Hundley. And my testimony also is

20 that Mr. and Mrs. Garnier were advised that I had

21 one buyer and one buyer only.

22 Q So really you were just bringing this buyer to

23 them and that was the end of your intention to

24 sell this property for them?

25 A That’s correct. And that was fully explained to

26 them. They fully understood that I only had one

27 buyer.

28 Q So why not just put that in here?

29 A Why not put what in?

30 Q Why not put in what you’re going to offer for

31 services and — or maybe that you have one buyer

32 and your intention is to assist them with selling

33 their property for that one buyer.

34 A Well, that is what I put in at that particular

35 point in time.

669 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party) Cross-exam by Mr.Davison

21 Q But you put it in there and they didn’t disagree?

22 A Yeah, it was my suggestion and they didn’t

23 disagree. Six of one and half dozen of the other.

24 Q I would put it to you that i’t more likely you

25 put — you told them you would put their property

26 up for sale and that’s why you needed six weeks.

27 A Well, that’s not true.

670 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party) Cross-exam by Mr.Davison

21 Q And they gave you no explanation why they were