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33 A No.

[BCSC at para 107] Judge Greyell fabricated evidence to discredit the Garniers.

FACTS: The Garniers property was listed on the MLS three time over the course of six years, judge Greyell’s star witness Mr.Hunter even testified to this fact.

498 Raymond Hunter (a third party)In chief by Mr. Blanchard

30 A Yes, I did. I had noted that, in fact, they had

31 been on the market three times in the previous

32 approximately five or six years.

499 Raymond Hunter (a third party)In chief by Mr. Blanchard

4 Q And how do you get a copy of this document?

5 A Well, you know, the — in a net shell, from the

6 real estate board computer or information package.

7 Q And is that something you have access to?

8 A Yes, I do, as a realtor.

9 Q All right. And what does this document at page

10 236 say about the listing?

11 A Well, that was since, in fact, 1999, we’ve been in

12 a or had at that point being in an expanding

13 seller’s market.

[BCSC at para 119] Judge Greyell altered the evidence. Judge Greyell twisted the evidence to suppprt his decision, he stated parts of the actual testimony under paragraph 90 of his decision and then altered it in paragraph 119. J.Greyell did this throughout his decision.