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44 These — This is — 41 East 40th, is that in

45 Vancouver West?

46 A That is east of Main Street on — on 40th Avenue,

47 in the Oakridge area. So it’s an East Side

626 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 address, just into the East Side technically. As

2 I said, it is west of Main Street.

3 Q Okay. The next property is 5412 Cambie Street.

4 Is that in Vancouver West?

5 A Yes, it is.

6 Q Okay. And that’s a B.C. assessed value of

7 914,000, but you say the actual market value is

8 now 1.4 million?

9 A Right.

10 Q And then the apartment on the next page is 1584

11 West 12th, and again that’s in the Vancouver West

12 area?

13 A That’s correct.

14 Q Okay. And that’s an assessed value of

15 $2.2 million, and you say its market value is

16 $2.4 million and could go to 2.5 million?

17 A That’s correct.

18 Q You clearly use assessment value as something of

19 importance when you’re dealing with the bank,

20 correct?

21 A Well, that is — that is information that, you

22 know, the bank might be interested in. If — You

23 know, from my own experience on my own properties,

24 I’ve noted that the bank very often ask for the

25 assessed value.

26 Q In this document, Mr. Hunter, is your recollection

27 that there’s mention of the SkyTrain coming in

28 town?

29 A In this document I think it — it is mentioned in

30 the last — last paragraph on page 1-5.

31 Q Page 15?

32 A Yes.

33 Q And it says:


35 Further, the City of Vancouver has targeted

36 this area being immediately adjacent to what

37 will now be the new Cambie and 41st Avenue

38 SkyTrain.


40 A Correct.

41 Q So how did you find that information out?

42 A Well, I presume that at that time it was — would

43 be common knowledge.

44 Q And it says:


46 This is scheduled to occur within the next

47 18 months, which will more likely increase

627 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison