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5 her if that’s what it says. It says it there. We

6 can all see it.

7 MR. DAVISON: Okay.

8 251 Q Did you understand this at the time you signed it,

9 did you read this part? When you signed it at the

10 bottom of this page?

11 A I went through the contract.

12 252 Q Okay. Do you understand that a personal cheque is

13 different from a certified cheque, bank draft, cash

14 or lawyer’s notary trust cheque?

15 A Yes.

22 255 Q So if there’s no deposit, then there’s really no

23 recourse for the seller other than to sue the

24 purchaser; correct?

25 A I don’t know that.

Judge Greyell altered and distorted the testimonies of the witnesses to support to his decision.

Judge Greyell altered and distorted Mr.Pahud and Mr.Tidder testimonies[BCSC at para 120.]

1) Mr.Pahud testified he could not remember if Mr.Garniers did or did not ask him about the deposits.

273 George Pahud (for Third Parties)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

46 Q So, the fact that he may have been calling about

47 it, to you that probably didn’t make sense;

Page 274

1 there’s no reason to be concerned about it?

2 A Well, I don’t remember whether he asked me about

3 it or not. So, I can’t say that he did or he

4 didn’t. I can’t remember.

272 George Pahud (for Third Parties)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

32 Q And just so we’re clear, you never called

33 Mr. Garnier back other than to tell him somebody

34 would get a hold of him the week after?

35 A Well, I called him back at least once to say I

36 will get back to you on Monday.

37 Q And you never did?

38 A No, I didn’t.

270 George Pahud (for Third Parties) Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

42 Q But you didn’t go check the file?

43 A Well, I don’t remember when I did get the file. I

44 may have gotten it that day, I may not, I don’t

45 know; I don’t remember.

2) Mr. Tidder testified he did not have a recollection of the conversation with Mr.Garnier.