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12 446 Q And so it was your goal at that meeting to ensure the

13 property — the Garnier’s property was sold at the

14 least amount?

15 A No.

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4 449 Q So they weren’t in a hurry to sell the property.

5 That’s what you can assume; correct?

6 A Well, I suppose you could assume.

7 450 Q They never told you that they needed to sell the

8 property?

9 A No.

Mr.Hunter’s trial transcripts Vol.4

597 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

7 Q And appealing an assessment is not something

8 generally a vendor does if they’re trying to sell

9 their property, correct?

10 A Well, I think in most instances when vendors are

11 appealing their taxes, you know, they’re

12 probably — by the law of percentages, the

13 majority of them are not in the immediate process

14 of selling their — their property.

17 Q Right. And assessment is something that is a

18 factor when putting your house on the market? The

19 assessment value is a factor?

20 A Not as far as setting price is concerned. A

21 realtor — A seasoned realtor will pay very very

22 little attention to the assessed value.

605 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

7 Q You knew at that point the lower you could get the

8 Garniers to put their property on the market for,

9 the better chance Ms. Hundley would buy the

10 property, right? It’s common sense.

11 A Well, the way you’re phrasing it, that’s

12 incorrect. The way you’re phrasing it is that I

13 would conspire to have the property listed at a

14 lower price with Mr. and Mrs. Garnier, and that’s

15 not correct at all.

37 Q And so — And you don’t think that a person with

38 your experience as a real estate agent offering to

39 assist with the appeal, there’s a suggestion that

40 it’s too high?

41 A Well, it was quite obviously too high. It was an

42 unfair assessment.

(c) Mr. Hunter gave the Garniers false advise that the real estate market was slowing down. Evidence before the Court proved it was going up. [attached as #6 in documents].