Our Story

Through the Court documents we found out; Mr.Hunter did a Pro Forma dated February 12, 2007 and letter to Ms.Hundley dated March 19,2007[attached under DOCUMENTS] at which time he had an Exclusive Listing Agreement to work only for us. Mr.Hunter testified he did his pro forma and March 19, 2007 letter for Ms.Hundley to take to the Bank to assist her with financing for our property.

In Mr.Hunter’s letter to Ms.Hundley he provides false extremely high appraisals of her jointly owned properties, some of which were $300,000 to $400,000 more than the BC Assessment Authority, this was the same assessment authority that Mr.Hunter advised us had over assessed our property by 47%.

In his letter to Ms.Hundley he advises of high sales in our area, cost of building, profits to be made from investing in our property, the arrival of the Canada Line further increasing the value of our property.

Mr.Hunter deceived a financial institution by providing false information, Mr.Hunter is not a licensed or trained appraiser. Ms. Hundley testified she gave this letter to the Bank.

THROUGH investigations, documents before the Court, discoveries and trial it confirmed that we were CONNED by our Realtor Mr.Hunter.

1. Starting from Mr. Hunter and Ms. Hundley’s long term business relationship;

From the evidence in court it was discovered that; Mr. Hunter and Ms. Hundley had a business relationship for over 20 years, Hunter was directly involved with all of Ms.Hundleys real estate transactions. Hunter was involved with finding; financing, investment properties, negotiations with the sale-redevelopment and resale of Hundley’s point Grey Road project. Mr.Hunter was in the real estate development business.

Ms. Hundley’s Trial Transcript Vol.1

7 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff) In chief by Mr. McKendrick

25 Q Okay. Now, would you tell the court what dealings

26 you’d had with Mr. Hunter prior to having a look

27 at 334 West 12th?

28 A Well, I’ve known Ray for a long time, over 20

29 years, and he has — I’ve purchased property

30 through him and I’ve sold property through him.

31 And he even helped my mother sell — there was a

32 property that my mother had that he helped sell

33 for her.

34 Q So how would you describe your relationship with

35 Mr. Hunter?

36 A Very close. Very good. I’m — it was a