Our Story

34 mailbox, and I believe it was later that evening I

35 called and spoke with Mrs. Garnier to — to be

36 sure that she had in fact found them in the

37 letterbox, and she said she had.

On February 18, 2007, Mr.Hunter did an oil tank inspection of our property and found no traces of oil tanks but refused to remove his oil tank clauses. We then sought the advise of Mindy Jong who advised us that Mr.Hunter lied to us about the oil tank clauses. Ms.Jong also suggested that Mr.Hunter most likely was using Ms.Hundley as a shell since she was an elderly woman. Ms.Jong did an addendum removing the oil tank clauses. We then found out that Mr.Hunter never advertised our property on the MLS or his webpage as promised and according to the terms of the EXCLUSIVE LISTING CONTRACT.

By way of Mr.Hunter actions it seemed that he was acquiring our property for himself through Ms.Hundley.

Mr.Hunter did the oil tank inspection, the measurements of our property, went to city hall to check on the building ratio and permits to develop our property, brought architects, trades people, contractors onto our property without notice when he found Mr.Garnier’s truck was not parked outside. Documented evidence before the court proved Mr.Hunter secretly manipulated the entire deal by himself from his home.

DEPOSITS [evidence attached in OUR STORY under DOCUMENTS].

We were advised that the deposits would show who made them. We asked Mr.Hunter to provide us with proof that the deposits were made according to the terms of the Purchase Contract(The “OFFER”). Mr.Hunter continued to ignore all request to provide proof. Francis contacted Prudential United Realty and was advised by Mr.Pahud that Prudential United realty had not received our file, he promised to call back when he gets the file, Mr.Pahud never called back. Francis called Prudential again and asked for the deposits Mr.Tidder advised the same thing that he never received our file. Francis requested Mr.Tidder to tell Mr.Hunter not to come back onto our property again.

We wrote to Mr.Hunter and Ms.Hundley to provide us with proof of the Deposits, Ms.Jong advised us that she tried three times to get proof of the deposits but Prudential United was not forthcoming.

TERMINATION: [Evidence attached in DOCUMENTS]: