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9 Q Okay. And when did she do that?

10 A Well, in 2006 at one particular point.

11 Q Do you recall if it was end, beginning or —

12 A I think we discussed broadly the possibility of

13 her buying a property in — in mid-2006

Mr.Hunter’s Trial Transcripts Vol.4

595 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

16 Q Did you tell her what the price had expired at?

17 A Mrs. Hundley?

18 Q Yes. Mrs. —

19 A Yes, I did.

20 Q And you told her it was no longer on the market?

21 A Well, yes. We had — That is how we had come to

22 discuss the property in the first place. I had

23 researched expired listings, found this particular

24 one, expired listings being properties that have

25 come off the market that have not sold, and that

26 is how I came to be with Mrs. Hundley in terms of

27 perusing the property from the outside prior to

28 the 8th of February.

Raymond Hunter Examination for discovery – transcripts April 13, 2010.

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21 305 Q And you told Ms. Hundley that you would see if the

22 Garniers, although their property was no longer on

23 the market, if they would be interested in selling

24 the property; correct?

25 A Yes.

Page 52

1 306 Q So at that point you had not approached the Garniers?

2 A No.

3 307 Q She said she was interested in particularly that one

4 and that’s the reason you approached the Garniers?

5 A Yes.

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1 315 Q Okay. And that they had let the property come off

2 the market?

3 A I saw it as an expired listing.

4 316 Q Expired listing. So it hadn’t been sold, you knew

5 that?

6 A Right.

11 318 Q And it was no longer being listed as for sale?

12 A That’s right.

13 319 Q How do you locate expired MLS listings?

14 A Well, they show up on the computer.

15 320 Q Is that something everybody can see or just — do you

16 have to be —

17 A A realtor.

Raymond Hunter’s Trial Transcripts Vol. 4