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Mr.Hunter’s Examination for Discovery transcripts.

Page 88

1 499 Q Why did you not fill this out on the 8th then?

2 A Well, I —

3 500 Q Sorry, one sec. The property disclosure statement

4 residential with February 8th, 2007, on it crossed

5 off to February 13th, tab 15 of the third parties’

6 documents?

7 A Right here.

8 501 Q Sorry, go ahead?

9 A Well, as I said, we discussed it. And as the evening

10 proceeded, it’s just — was one of those situations

11 that was not completed on that particular date.

12 502 Q But why is that?

13 MR. BLANCHARD: Well, he just said it was — your question implies

14 that it should have, Mr. Davison. So that’s unfair.

ANOTHER PROMPT BY MR.BLANCHARD without it Mr.Hunter continued to stumble on his lies.

Mr.Hunter’s Examination for Discovery April 13, 2010

Page 124

25 692 Q Now, the — your recollection is that the property

Page 125

1 disclosure statement hadn’t been done at this point?

2 A The property disclosure statement was done that

3 evening, and typically it’s done before the contract

4 is written. But certainly at the same time.

5 693 Q Okay. But the property — this was done on the 12th,

6 correct?

7 A M’mm-hmm.

8 694 Q And when you — sorry, can you explain that to me,

9 because this was done or signed by Ms. Hundley on the

10 12th and you said it should be the same evening, but

11 that’s not what you mean?

12 A No, it’s exactly what I mean.

13 695 Q But that document was done on the 13th?

14 A No, it was done on the 12th. If you look at it,

15 Ms. Hundley — it was dated on the 12th and she

16 signed it.

17 696 Q The property disclosure statement?

18 A That’s right.

19 MR. BLANCHARD: Are you talking about the dual agency agreement?

20 THE WITNESS: Sorry, the dual agency. Sorry, sorry.

5. CONTRACT OF PURCHASE AND SALE [attached as #7 in Documents]. Unknown to us, our lawyer, the court and Prudential United Realty, Mr. Hunter had secretly constructed different multiple original Purchase Contracts. Ms.Hundley aided and abetted with Hunter is concealing this evidence.