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4 A Yes.

(b) Mr. Hunter fasely advised the Garniers the BC Assessment Authority had overassessed their property by 47%. He wanted to speak at they assessment hearing to reduce the value of their property.

Raymond Hunter – Examination for Discovery Transcripts, April 13, 2010

Page 70

16 419 Q At this meeting did they have the property assessment

17 for 2007?

18 A I believe they did.

19 420 Q And that said $953,000 on it?

20 A That’s correct.

Page 71

17 425 Q What’s your understanding as far as how assessments

18 are done, property assessments?

19 A Assessments by and large for the most part are almost

20 always inaccurate.

page 73

6 431 Q And you told the Garniers that you felt that that

7 assessment was too high in 2007?

8 A The BC Assessment Authority had increased their

9 assessment 47 percent from 2006.

12 432 Q So you told them you felt it was too high?

13 A Yes.

Page 74

15 438 Q Okay. If a client wants to sell their property, why

16 would they — why would it benefit them to decrease

17 their assessment value?

18 MR. BLANCHARD: Don’t answer that.

Raymond Hunter Examination for Discovery page 75

3 441 Q Why would you offer to?

4 A Because I felt —

5 442 Q Help the Garniers with their appeal.

6 A Because I felt that the assessment was too high — it

7 was obviously too high.

20 444 Q Okay. But certainly it benefits Ms. Hundley if the

21 Garnier’s property is less expensive; correct?

22 MR. BLANCHARD: What do you mean by that?

Page 76

1 MR. DAVISON: Less money for the property — the Garnier’s

2 property.

3 MR. BLANCHARD: But less money than what? The question doesn’t

4 make any sense.


6 445 Q The least amount of money that Ms. Hundley has to pay

7 for the property, the better for her; correct? It’s

8 pretty obvious.

9 A A buyer is obviously going to — I mean a buyer would

10 like to buy property for very, very little. A seller

11 would like to sell a property for more obviously.