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8 A Yeah.

15 Q Okay. And you can see that it’s February 2nd,

16 2007?

17 A Right.

18 Q Okay. And so this is right at the time — you’re

19 seeing the Garniers six days after this?

20 A Yes.

21 Q Okay. And you can see it has a whole bunch of

22 information. I’m sure you’re familiar with it.

23 But it says about three-quarters, or a little past

24 halfway down the page:


26 Bright spots in Greater Vancouver

27 January 2007 compared to January 2006.

28 Detached Vancouver West up 16.9 per cent. 9

29 units sold up to 77.


31 So actually, what you’ve said is — is

32 opposite. The Vancouver West detached, which

33 is —

34 A Well, just –

35 Q — what —

36 A Could you slow down a moment.

613 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

2 Q Right? You can see that it says that this is a,

3 and I’ll quote, “Bright spot in Greater Vancouver

4 in January 2007″ —

5 A Um-hum.

6 Q — compared to the year before.

7 So I’m not going to debate with you whether

8 this is the right indication, but it certainly

9 seems like it is one of the indications, and what

10 you’ve told the court is that you said to the

11 Garniers that sales had dropped. Now, you — you

12 may have found a different way to come up with

13 that number, but it seems from your document that

14 in fact from the year before sales had gone up.

15 Is that — Is that what that says here,

16 Mr. Hunter?

17 A What this says is that the sales in the individual

18 month — the individual month — of January 2007

19 overall were up from the individual month of

20 January 2006.

21 Q Right. And in detached homes, which is what the

22 Garniers’ property is, right?

23 A Yes.

24 Q And in Vancouver West where the Garniers’ property

25 is, right?

26 A Yes.

(d) Mr.Hunter advised the Garniers that as the real estate market was dropping he would have no problem finding them a property in Kerrisdale for $900,000. Hunter’s testimony is more evidence he suggested to the Garniers a listing price of $900,00 and that he would find them a property for $900,000.