Our Story

46 gone up instead of going down. We also said we

47 felt that he acquired this contract under false

361 Susan Garnier (a defendant)In chief by Mr. Davison (continuing)

1 pretense, so I sent a little thing from the

2 Canadian — the Criminal Code, and I inserted that

3 in there.

4 Q And that’s at the bottom of this letter?

5 A Yes.


Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)

Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

16 Q Mr. Hunter, can you see that is a letter addressed

17 from Susan Garnier to yourself, dated April 4th,

18 2007?

19 A Yes.

20 Q You say that you never received this letter?

21 A That’s correct.

42 Q Well, Mr. Hunter, the fact that you didn’t get the

43 letter or — in your 20 -plus years would mean that

44 you probably wouldn’t be made aware of it. But

45 regardless, in the letter it speaks about the

46 Garniers agreeing to rent back the property. And

47 I’ll have you look at the letter, just so I don’t

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1 misstate it. That was —

2 A I — Just — I’ll just interject.

3 Q Yes.

4 A You can read it to me as much as you want, but if

5 I didn’t get that letter, the contents are totally

6 irrelevant.

7 Q Fair enough, but I’ll read it to you. Or some

8 parts, anyways.

9 You did agree that the rent would be $1500 per

10 month?

11 A That was the agreed-upon price.

12 Q Okay.

13 A And I’m sorry, I believe in yesterday’s testimony

14 that I had mentioned a figure of $1400, which was

15 in error. The actual agree-upon rent was $1500.

16 Q And you were attempting to — to get the Garniers

17 to sign a rental agreement at this point?

18 A I had — and I’ve given previous testimony to —

19 to that extent, that I had spoken to — to

20 Mr. Garnier the middle of March, at which point he

21 said he didn’t want to sign anything. And on my