Our Story

8 deposit.”


10 245 Q So you see that’s part of the contract? Right? You

11 see that as part of the contract?

12 A Yes.

13 246 Q Okay. I’ll bring your attention to the second page.

14 And I’ll bring your attention to number 10. It says

15 “tender”:

16 “Tender or payment of monies by the buyer to

17 the seller will be certified cheque, bank

18 draft, cash or lawyer’s notary trust cheque.”

19 Do you see that?

20 A Yes.

21 247 Q Okay. So any payments in regards to this contract

22 have to be made under those terms?

23 MR. MCKENDRICK: No, no, no, you’re not going to — that’s the

24 whole issue with the case.

Page 32

2 MR. DAVISON: Okay.

3 248 Q Is that —

4 MR. MCKENDRICK: So I am instructing her not to answer that

5 question, and I’d appreciate if you don’t ask it

6 again in another way.

7 MR. DAVISON: Well, I’m going to ask something like it whether you

8 appreciate it or not.

9 MR. MCKENDRICK: Okay. Well, let me tell you this.

10 MR. DAVISON: Right.

11 MR. MCKENDRICK: I’m going to object to every one of those

12 questions.

13 MR. DAVISON: Well, why don’t you let me ask it first —

14 MR. MCKENDRICK: All right.

15 MR. DAVISON: — like we did yesterday, you know, reasonable.

16 MR. MCKENDRICK: Absolutely.


18 249 Q Is that what it says in the contract?



21 250 Q What I’ve just read out. I’m not asking for a

22 conclusion. I’m just asking, is that what it says in

23 the contract?

24 MR. MCKENDRICK: Well, the contract speaks for itself.

25 MR. DAVISON: I’m asking Ms. Hundley.

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1 MR. MCKENDRICK: Well, I’m instructing her not to answer that —

2 MR. DAVISON: Okay.

3 MR. MCKENDRICK: — because we’re going to waste our time if you’re

4 just going to read out the contract to her and ask