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7 saying that’s not the case?

8 A Again, this is standard procedure. If you’re

9 countering the offer, they’ll sign the document and

10 initial any changes, which at that point has to go

11 back to the other side.

page 156

3 859 Q Okay. So they didn’t actually accept it then. They

4 added this in there and it was for Ms. Hundley to

5 accept?

6 A If that had not gone in there that obviously would

7 have constituted an uncountered acceptance.

[BCSC at para 6] Judge Greyell made up fabrications against the Garniers to incriminate them.

The Facts: Mrs. Garnier did not own the Property since 1987, she has never bought or sold any real estate and has no real estate experience. Mrs.Garnier was ill and was on Long term disability. Mr.Garnier, due to his low English language skills(French being his mother tongue) always relied on the advise and assistance of a realtor when he bought or sold his personal residence.

Like many Canadians the Garniers were friendly, trusting and inexperienced in real estate transactions. They retain the services of a Realtor to advise and assist them.

The Garniers had listed the property for sale on the MLS over the course of 6 years and did not renew the listings when they did not receive an acceptable offer. The Property was initially listed for $965,000 then reduced to $945,000 until the MLS listing expired.

310 Susan Garnier (a defendant) In chief by Mr. Davison

3 Q Okay. So you were involved with the purchase of

4 this property?

5 A No, Francis was.

384 Susan Garnier (a Defendant) Cross-exam by Mr. McKendrick

1 Q Had you been involved in a real estate purchase

2 before?

3 A No.

The property was Listed three times during the course of seven years.

498 Raymond Hunter (a third party)In chief by Mr. Blanchard

30 A Yes, I did. I had noted that, in fact, they had

31 been on the market three times in the previous

32 approximately five or six years.

Page 499

4 Q And how do you get a copy of this document?

5 A Well, you know, the — in a net shell, from the

6 real estate board computer or information package.

7 Q And is that something you have access to?

8 A Yes, I do, as a realtor.

617 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison