Our Story

359 Susan Garnier (a defendant)In chief by Mr. Davison (continuing)

46 A We wrote this letter to Mr. Hunter because we were

47 frustrated and we didn’t trust him. And I put

360 Susan Garnier (a defendant)In chief by Mr. Davison (continuing)

1 down all my concerns, and that’s in the letter

2 dated March 19th.

3 Q And this letter starts off:


5 We still have not heard from you with regards

6 to the two deposits that were to be deposited

7 into the trust account at Prudential United

8 Realty on the dates according to the terms of

9 the contract of purchase and sale.


11 So one of your concerns was the deposits, were the

12 deposits made, and also the — as you say here,

13 were they made according to the term of the

14 contract?

15 A That’s correct.

16 Q Okay. And when did you send this letter?

17 A I did this on the 19th. If not the same day, it

18 would have gone out the next day.

19 Q Okay. And do you recall doing it?

20 A Francis mailed it.

21 Q Okay. Do you recall writing it?

22 A Yes.

23 Q And how did you do that?

24 A I typed it out.

25 Q Was it on a computer or was it on a typewriter?

26 A It was on a computer.

27 Q Okay. And do you recall what program you used?

28 A I think it was a Word program.

29 Q Okay. And so why did you —

30 THE COURT: I’m sorry?



33 Q And why did you decide to write a letter? This is

34 the first letter you wrote in regards to these —

35 this matter?

36 A Yes.

37 Q Okay. So why did you decide to write a letter at

38 this point?

39 A Because we couldn’t get anything back from

40 Mr. Hunter. He refused to give us the actual

41 proof of the two deposits. By that time we found

42 out about his relationship with Mrs. Hundley, the

43 connection about building his property, the real

44 estate market was opposite that — to what

45 Mr. Hunter had initially advised us about, it had