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2 Q And why do you feel that that’s confidential?

3 A Because it quite obviously is for the benefit of

4 Mrs. Hundley and Mrs. Hundley alone. As I’ve

5 said, that would be information that I prepared

6 with which she could help determine whether she

7 wanted to make an offer on the Garniers’ property

8 or not.

Page 622

44 Q If I could have you turn your attention to page 14

45 of Exhibit number 2.

46 THE COURT: Exhibit 14?

47 MR. DAVISON: Page 14 —

Page 623

1 THE COURT: Page 14.

2 MR. DAVISON: 14, 15 and 16, My Lord.

3 Q Do you see that, Mr. Hunter?

4 A Yes.

5 Q And that’s the second pro forma you did for

6 Ms. Hundley?

7 A Yes.

8 Q And that one was to assist her with financing?

9 A Yeah. So — And as you can see, the figures are

10 the same as the one for the 12th of March and

11 expands into her own real estate holdings at that

12 particular point in time.

625 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

4 Q And this is a pro forma you did for Ms. Hundley

5 with your understanding that she was sending it to

6 the bank?

7 A Yes. As I recall, the — the bank had asked for

8 some indication as to the potential of the

9 property and obviously combined with her asset

10 value at that time.

18 Q The contract was signed — I believe

19 February 13th initially it was drafted by yourself

20 and — and —

21 A The contract was drafted by myself on the 12th and

22 Mrs. Hundley made the offer on the 12th. On the

23 13th is when I sat down with Mr. and Mrs. Garnier

24 to present it.

25 Q Now, on the second page, approximately about

26 halfway, it says “estimated market value of the

27 following properties,” and these are all

28 properties that Ms. Hundley owns, correct?

29 A Yes.

38 Q So that’s higher than the assessed value?

39 A Yes.

43 Q Okay. And then there’s 5412 Cambie Street.