Our Story

39 Q And since you bought the apartment how much

40 experience have you had buying and selling real

41 estate?

42 A I purchased a place on Point Grey Road and Ray was

43 my agent.

44 Q You’re talking about Ray Hunter?

45 A Thirty-six — Ray Hunter.

46 Q All right.

47 A At 3680 West Point Grey Road. And it was one

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1 residential home and I developed — had it

2 developed to two units.

24 Q All right. And who dealt with the contractors on

25 that project?

26 A Gosh, I forget his name. I did have a contractor.

27 Q And how did you get the contractor?

28 A I got it through Ray Hunter.

45 Q And how did you come to — did — or who helped

46 you with the negotiation of that?

47 A Well, Ray did the negotiation, but I — when —

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1 when he told me what the price was I was thinking

2 about it.

Mr. Hunter testified it was only him and Ms.Hundley who checked out properties

Hunter’s Examination for Discovery

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12 249 Q When you say “project” do you mean the west Point

13 Grey project?

14 A West Point Grey, yes.

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13 253 Q And when you say “names of people” you mean names of

14 people who could help her finance the project?

15 A Mortgage brokers or bank loans officers.

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14 273 Q When you say “we” do you mean you, Ms. Hundley and

15 some of her family?

16 A No. Mrs. Hundley makes her own decisions.

17 274 Q But when you went to check out property did you go

18 with just the two of you or more than two of you?

19 A It would have been predominantly just Mrs. Hundley.

20 and myself.


The evidence before the court showed that Mr. Hunter obtained our personal and property information from the old MLS Expired Listing database only accessible to realtors.

*A real estate agent cannot call on an Expired Listings to try to get business from the Seller – this is prohibited in Canada under PIPEDA(federal legislation), PIPA(BC legislation) and the Privacy Act. Mr.Hunter also violated the privacy codes under the Real Estate Services Act, CREA and Privacy Act.