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30 MR. DAVISON: Okay. If I could have the witness shown

31 Exhibits 19 and 20

32 THE CLERK: I’m sorry? 19 and 20?

33 MR. DAVISON: 19 and 20, yes.




37 Q Mr.Hunter, do you recognize those documents>

38 A Yes.

39 Q And what do you recognize them to be?

40 A I recognize them to be two of the three sets of

41 the — the contract of purchase and sale that I

42 prepared.

43 Q And it’s your evidence that one of those are

44 Prudential’s and one’s Ms.Hundley?

45 A Yes.

46 Q Do you know which is which?

47 MR. BLANCHARD: Well, My Lord, they have been

679 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 identified, I think on the record, as which is

2 which. I think —

3 THE COURT: Well, I presume —

4 MR. BLANCHARD: — it would be fair —


6 MR. BLANCHARD: — for Mr.Davison to point out what

7 the record indicates these documents are, and I

8 can assist the court if he doesn’t know what they

9 are, but I don’t want to do that without a ruling

10 from the court.

15 Q Mr.Hunter, on the two documents can you tell ==

16 is there anything on them that points to you which

17 is which or whose they are?

18 A If you would just give me a moment to go through

19 them. [Pause]

20 Q Maybe to move things along, is there anything that

21 you do to indicate which one is Prudential’s?

22 A Not specifically.


34 Q Or — Does it say Exhibit 20 on — on there as

35 well?

36 A I’m sorry, I don’t know how you do this. It’s

37 market as F, entered 20.

38 MR. DAVISON: My Lord, if I may approach the witness?

39 A Okay.

40 MR. DAVISON: MY Lord?

41 THE COURT: Yes.


43 Q Does it say on the back whose they are?

44 A No. But —

45 Q No.

46 A — this — this one is Mrs. Hundley’s.