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33 easily change an original, but it’s quite

34 difficult to change a photocopy without being

35 obvious that you’re writing on top, correct?

36 A Well, you can still change it, but it would be

37 obvious that it wasn’t —

38 Q An original?

39 A — what you started with.

40 Q It wasn’t the original?

41 A That’s right.

42 Q Okay. And do you appreciate the reason that

43 agreements are written? Do you have an

44 appreciation of why you write down the terms of a

45 contract?

46 A Well, yes.

47 Q Okay. And what — in your mind, what is that —

630 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 why do you write down the terms of a contract?

2 Why is it important?

3 A Well, it’s — obviously it — it defines in

4 writing what the agreement is between two parties.

5 Q Okay. And you often, I would imagine, in your

6 practice have contracts that are changed?

7 Altered. Correct?

8 A I would say that most offers that are presented

9 are probably countered, but not always.

630 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

19 Q You can appreciate that the contract itself is

20 evidence of the agreement between the parties,

21 correct?

22 A That’s right.

23 Q Okay. And when changes are done, you can

24 appreciate there’s a difference between changes

25 made on the original and changes made on a copy,

26 correct?

27 A That’s right.

28 Q And if there’s discrepancies, you would defer to

29 the original; is that fair to say?

30 A Well, you would defer to the latest version.

686 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

18 Q And you’ve crossed off the section B. Why didn’t

19 you get the — Ms. Hundley to initial that?

20 A Well, as I explained in examination of discovery,

21 it’s — it’s not the responsibility of either the

22 buyer or the seller to identify the agency. That

23 is up to the brokerage through myself.

24 Similarly, the change that I made, I made, as

25 I have just said, prior to leaving my house. In

26 other words, prior to putting this before