Our Story

17 tank, he came up and he gave me a dual agency

18 agreement and he told me now that, I’m also acting

19 for Mrs. Hundley, legally I have to get you and

20 Francis to sign that.

[British Columbia Supreme Court para 68] Judge Bruce Greyell fabricated the evidence

FACTS: The Garniers had not heard about or seen the property in West Vancouver until late April, 2007.

382 Susan Garnier (a Defendant) Cross-exam by Mr. McKendrick

15 Q So where were you going to get the money for the

16 other offer in West Van?

17 A We didn’t even know anything about the offer in

18 West Van. That came in April — later on in

19 April.

20 Q You needed the money from the sale to Ms. Hundley

21 to buy the property in West Van?

22 A At that time when we cancelled on the 9th and when

23 we told Mindy about it, we didn’t even have — I

24 hadn’t even looked at the property in West Van.

[BCSC para 71-74] J.Greyell adopted his favourite counsels submissions to incriminate us.

Facts: Mr.Hunter and Ms.Hundley received these letters but as it stated Mr.Hunter’s False Pretense crime and they knew the deposits were not made according to the Purchase Contract they denied receiving them.

Hard copies of these letters were received by Mr.McKendrick in October, 2007 [EXHIBIT 20] when he demanded the Garniers send him all the documents in their possession, which was more than a year before Mr.Hunter was added as a Third Party Defendant and three years before; a computer virus destroyed the Garniers files, their discoveries and before Trial [Evidence:Mr.McKendrick’s letter Exhibit 20” and Future shop computer receipt Exhibit 18”].