Our Story

Raymond Hunter entered the Garniers property pretending to be a realtor in their area canvasing for property listings. Mr.Hunter was a very crafty, cunning and clever Salesman. The Garniers had no idea that Mr. Hunter was in their home with the intention to scam them, they were unsuspecting victims.

The Garniers are not sophisticated in real estate, Mrs.Garnier has never bought or sold any real estate. Mr.Garnier whose first language is French always retained the services of a Realtor when he bought or sold his residence. Mr.Hunter failed to disclose to the Garniers he was working for or with his long term business associate, Lucy Hundley. He failed to disclosed to Prudential United Realty that he entered the Garniers property as the agent for Ms.Hundley. The managing broker testified that Mr.Hunter was the realtor for the Garniers NOT Ms.Hundley. Our Exclusive Listing Contract is evidence[attached].