Our Story

His manager testified that Mr.Hunter was only our agent and not the agent for Ms.Hundley.

On February 11, 2007, Mr.Hunter did an open house, Mr.Hunter informed us he would take care of it. We relied on him and Prudential United Realty to look after our best interest and abide by the terms of the Exclusive Listing Contract. On February 13, 2007, Mr.Hunter presented us with an OFFER(“Purchase Contract”) from Ms.Hundley. Ms.Hundley testified she DID NOT make an Offer to purchase our property and that it was Mr.Hunter who brought her an Offer.

Ms.Hundley’s Examination for Discovery transcripts.

Page 22

1 173 Q Did you make an offer to purchase the property?

2 A No.

3 174 Q Did Mr. Hunter bring you an offer for sale of the

4 property?

5 A Yes.

11 177 Q And did Mr. Hunter bring that to you on an offer

12 sheet or the contract of purchase and sale, or just

13 verbally?

14 A I believe it was a contract.

25 182 Q Okay. And was that on a contract?

Page 23

1 A That was written on the contract.

  • We did NOT accept Ms. Hundley’s OFFER, we COUNTER OFFERED on February 13, 2007. .

Raymond Hunter Examination for Discovery transcripts(April 13, 2010) on the Garniers Counter Offer.

Page 136

5 761 Q And as far as — so it appears on page 4 that this

6 was accepted by the Garniers on the 13th, but you’re

7 saying that’s not the case?

8 A Again, this is standard procedure. If you’re

9 countering the offer, they’ll sign the document and

10 initial any changes, which at that point has to go

11 back to the other side.

Page 156

3 859 Q Okay. So they didn’t actually accept it then. They

4 added this in there and it was for Ms. Hundley to

5 accept?

6 A If that had not gone in there that obviously would

7 have constituted an uncountered acceptance.

Lucy Hundley’s trial transcripts Vol. 1

16 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff)In chief by Mr. McKendrick

39 contract was — I mean, the Garniers didn’t

40 counter when it was first presented to them.

81 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff) (Recalled)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison