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7 Ms.Hundley’s agent?

8 A I believe in previous evidence I have stated that

9 when I knocked on the door of Mr. and

10 Mrs. Garniers’ house on the 8th, at that moment I

11 was acting for Mrs. Hundley.

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14 Q Okay. Did you tell them “I am now acting as a

15 dual agent for yourself and Ms. Hundley”?

16 A At that point?

17 Q Yes.

18 A No.

Mr. Hunter also did not disclose to Prudential United Realty that he attended our property as the agent for Ms.Hundley.

Stephen Tidder, Managing Broker for Prudential United Realty- Trial transcripts Vol.4

743 Stephen Tidder (for Third Parties)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

27 Q — you understand that Mr.Hunter attended the

28 Garniers’ property as an agent of Ms.Hundley?

29 A Well, I don’t know if that’s determined or not,

30 but I know that he had known Hundley.

31 Q Okay. And he was looking for property for her

32 A I haven’t been in here and don’t know the

33 evidence, but —

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1 Q Now, if the — at that point, is it your

2 understanding that he’s not an agent for both

3 parties?

4 A Yeah, I don’t — well, short of any written

5 documentation from Hund — with Hundley, I would

6 suggest that he’s an agent for Garnier, because he

7 has a written commitment with them.

13 Q Well, what do you mean “typically”?

14 A Well, if they don’t have a — some sort of a

15 buyer’s agency contract or something like that

16 with the buyer, then I would say that they’re not

17 an agent —

18 Q No matter what they do?

19 A — for — for them.

274 George Pahud (for Third Parties) Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

24 Q And when the agent is going to work for both

25 parties, that’s something that should be very

26 clear to the vendor and the purchaser; is that

27 fair to say?

28 A Yes.

29 Q And one way to make that clear — and, in fact,

30 one way to make that clear is to ensure they

31 acknowledge that by signing a dual agency