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Ms. Hundley testified she was looking to purchase a property In the Summer to early Fall of 2006.

The Garniers property was listed on the MLS in the summer until fall of 2006 by an MLS Listing Agent. Mr. Hunter did not contact the Garniers MLS agent to make an offer INSTEAD he waited until the MLS listing contract expired, before entering the Garniers property pretending to be a realtor in their area.

Mr. Hunter did not want any paper trail, an MLS listing would have certainly done that. Hunter provided the Garniers with an Exclusive Listing Contract instead of the usual Multiple Listing Contract because he did not want the Garniers MLS agent, other realtors and the Privacy Commissioner finding out.

Lucy Hundley’s Examination for Discovery Feb. 26, 2009

Page 7

23 61 Q And how did you come across this property?

24 A Through Ray Hunter.

Ms.Hundley trial transcripts

30 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff) (Recalled)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

42 Q So you currently are on title for five properties.

43 That’s correct?

44 A Well, my name is on them, but I don’t —

45 Q Okay.

46 A As I say, I don’t feel they’re mine.

47 Q Okay. But you are on title?

31 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff) (Recalled)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 A Yeah.

Lucy Hundley’s Examination for Discovery transcripts – February 26, 2009.

Page 12

15 96 Q Okay. Okay. Now, what did Mr. Hunter tell you about

16 the property?

17 A He told me that — originally that there was a

18 listing that had expired, and it was in the 300 block

19 West 12th, and he said, I know we haven’t been

20 looking at anything in the Mount Pleasant area, but

21 would you be interested? And I said, oh, yes, that’s

22 a great area. I would be interested.

23 97 Q Why were you not looking in the Mount Pleasant area

24 initially?

25 A I guess because he hadn’t shown me any listings.

Mr. Hunter’s trial transcripts Vol. 4

589 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

5 Q And just so I’m clear, when do you say that — I’m

6 assuming Ms. Hundley approached you about looking

7 for property for redevelopment?

8 A Yes.