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4 Q Ms. Morin, do you recognize that document?

5 A Yes.

6 Q And Ms. Cooper worked with you or could have

7 worked with you at the time?

8 A Yes.

9 Q And Joan, I think you mentioned that you worked

10 with Joan. I can’t remember, you said her last

11 name was?

12 A Joan Letendre, she was my partner.

16 Q And so this is an e-mail from somebody in your

17 office to another person in your office?

18 A Correct.

19 Q Okay. Now, was there more than one of you working

20 on Ms. Hundley’s conveyancing?

21 A Yes.

33 Q Do you know why Ms. Cooper would send an e-mail to

34 Joan in your office, as opposed to you?

35 A We were open six days a week, and Joan was in the

36 office three of those days and I was in the office

37 the other three. We both worked on all of the

38 files, but in this case, Lucy Hundley is, let’s

39 call her a special client of mine. And so Joan

40 would forward this message to me, which she did,

41 and she would not have contacted Lucy directly.

42 She would have forwarded this message to me, and I

43 would have contacted her.

46 Q Do you recall getting this message?

47 A I remember getting this message, yes.

297 Marny Morin (for the plaintiff)Cross-examination by Mr. Davison

33 Q Okay. And do you recall getting this message from

34 Joan?

35 A Yes.

42 Q Okay. And you can clearly see that on the second

43 line, it says:


45 Apparently the owners of the property that

46 she wished to purchase, which is closing on

47 the 2nd of May —

298 Marny Morin (for the plaintiff)Cross-examination by Mr. Davison


2 Which was true at the time; correct?

3 A Yes.

4 Q Okay.


6 — have changed their mind about selling the

7 property and hired a lawyer.


9 Do you see that?

10 A Yes.

11 Q Okay. Now, did you ever find out which lawyer it

12 was at that point?

13 A I’m sorry, I don’t understand.