Our Story

1 A Everything that is in print form came off my

2 printer on the late afternoon, early evening of

3 the 12th of February. Everything that is

4 handwritten was put in thereafter.

5 Q Okay. And this was all printed, as I said, from

6 your home office, I believe?

7 A That’s correct.

8 Q And page 5 of 5 is one of those that you printed

9 from your home office?

10 A Yes.

20 Q On page 5 of 5, if I could have you look at both

21 19 and 20.

22 Do you have those in front of you, Mr. —

23 A Yes.

24 Q — Hunter?

25 What I’m wondering, if these are printed off

26 at the same time on your home printer, why is the

27 5 of 5 on one typewritten and the other one

28 handwritten?

29 A In that particular instance, the addendum page

30 does not come out at the same time as pages 1 to

31 4.

631 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

16 Q And so it’s — I believe it’s your evidence that

17 you — you attended the Garniers — Ms. Hundley’s

18 office, or home, with three original printed-out

19 contracts, correct?

20 A That’s right.

21 Q And is that something that — that you made clear

22 to your counsel, that there was three copies — or

23 three originals of this contract?

24 MR. BLANCHARD: Well, My Lord, that’s privileged

25 communication.

29 Q You said earlier that you don’t have a standard

30 practice. Is it your standard practice to have

31 three originals of a purchase and sale contract?

32 A No.

632 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

29 Q Okay. And how many times have you done this three

30 original contracts before in your practice?

31 A I don’t recall specifically.

638 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

6 Q When you had spoke to Mr. Pahud and Mr. Tidder

7 about this file, did you mention to them that

8 there was multiple original contracts out there?

9 A No.

Mr. Hunter stumbled on his lies – on February 13, 2007 it was The OFFER he was presenting to the Garniers, yet he testified that he remembered saying that he hoped this would lead to an offer.

543 Raymond Hunter (a third party)In chief by Mr. Blanchard

28 Q Was there any other discussion that evening that

29 you can recall?

30 A Around about this time, we were getting towards

31 the stage where things were being concluded, and

32 after they had signed the contract, I said, and I

33 can remember saying that I hoped that this would

34 lead to an offer, but that if it didn’t, perhaps

35 we could discuss whether they wanted to put the

36 property on the market.

37 Q I’m sorry, are you talking about February 8th

38 or —

39 A I’m talking about February the 13th.

Mr. Hunter secretly drafted his multiple original Purchase and Sale Contracts from his home.