Our Story

37 Q Okay. On page 5 of the joint book of documents it

38 has amended to May 2nd. Do you see that? That’s

39 under 4 and 6.

40 A Yes.

41 Q Do you recall when those changes were made?

42 A Well, after — that was done after the original —

43 the first contract was completed. That — that

44 was a change.

45 Q You don’t know who put those on there, though, or

46 do you?

47 A No, I don’t know.

Hunter altered the completion date on his and Hundley’s Purchase Contract and failed to get his changes acknowledged by us, he failed to inform Prudential United Realty of this change. Mr.Tidder testified that his transaction sheet showed the completion date was April 2nd with no ammendment for May 2nd.