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15 was that they did not wish the property to go to

16 the open market.

17 Q But it does say that that’s what you would do

18 here? That’s what you agree to do as per this

19 contract, correct?

20 A of course, that would be pending, you know,

21 specific instructions from the — from the vendor.

22 From the seller.

23 Q No, it doesn’t say that. It says that that’s what

24 you do. It doesn’t —

25 A That —

26 Q — ask for further instructions, correct?

27 A It — It says that specifically, but the Working

28 with a REALTOR brochure also states that I am to

29 fulfil the instructions of my — of my client.

30 Q You would agree with me, Mr.Hunter, that this is

31 a three-page contract between the Garniers and

32 yourself?

33 A Yes.

34 Q And you drafted this contract?

35 A Yes.

36 Q And so you had the ability to put in different

37 terms or clauses in this contract?

38 A Yes.

39 Q And the clause here says that as the brokerage for

40 the seller that you agree to — to provide

41 information about the property to prospective

42 buyers and other brokerages. That’s what it says

43 here, —

44 A That’s —

45 Q — correct?

46 A — what is says in that document.

47 Q Okay. And then it goes on to the — on the next

653 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party) Cross-exam by Mr.Davison

1 page to talk about limited dual agency. Do you

2 see that? That’s paragraph 9?

3 A Yes.

4 Q Okay. And it says:


6 If the listing broker is also the agent of

7 prospective buyer —


9 MR. BLANCHARD: If the listing brokerage.


11 Q Sorry.


13 — listing brokerage is also the agent of

14 prospective buyer …


16 Now, the listing brokerage is Prudential,

17 right?

18 A That’s correct.

19 Q Okay. And you were working for Prudential with

20 Ms.Hundley, correct?

21 A That’s correct.

22 Q So what that means is that if you or anybody

23 working for Prudential is — is the agent of