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27 Mrs. Hundley.

29 Q You did this at your home?

30 A That’s correct.

31 Q So why didn’t you just reprint it correctly?

32 A Well, again I’ll state what I had stated in

33 earlier testimony, I believe in September, is that

34 I had spent a good part of the afternoon preparing

35 information and a pro forma for Mrs. Hundley, and

36 it got to the stage where I basically had a

37 shorter period of time before I was due at

38 Mrs. Hundley’s.

44 Q So it’s your evidence you had time to reprint page

45 5, but not time to properly reprint the contract?

46 A Well, yes, I — I could have reprinted —

47 reprinted everything, but it was a simple change

687 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

31 Q Do you think it would have been proper procedure

32 to have them initial it?

33 A Again, it was not necessary.

34 Q That’s because you did it at home, the change?

35 A As I said, for two reasons: By and large that as

36 the representative of Prudential, I’m identifying

37 to them what the agency is, and for the reason, as

38 I’ve said, that the documentation was changed

39 prior to any process.

40 Q And — Do you have a fax machine at home?

41 A Do I have a fax machine?

42 Q Yes.

43 A Yes.

44 Q So you could take an original contract, have the

45 parties sign it, and fax it to both of them or one

46 of them so they had a copy, correct?

47 A Well, I suppose I could. I don’t —

688 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 Q And that’s not —

2 A — know — I don’t know why in this circumstance,

3 you know, anyone would do so.

Ms.Hundley testified she did not make the changes on her Purchase Contract.

Lucy Hundley- Examination for Discovery – February 26, 2009

Page 35

16 269 Q On this contract — and we’re on page 2 — it says

17 amended to May — you’re on the right page — to

18 May 2nd.

19 A M’mm-hmm.

20 270 Q Who wrote that in there?