Our Story

1 173 Q Did you make an offer to purchase the property?

2 A No.

3 174 Q Did Mr. Hunter bring you an offer for sale of the

4 property?

5 A Yes.

11 177 Q And did Mr. Hunter bring that to you on an offer

12 sheet or the contract of purchase and sale, or just

13 verbally?

14 A I believe it was a contract.

25 182 Q Okay. And was that on a contract?

Page 23

1 A That was written on the contract.

Mr. Hunter presented us with an Offer from Ms.Hundley, We did not accept her Offer. We counter Offered but Ms.Hundley did not accept our Counter Offer[Evidence:Our Purchase Contract & transcripts listed above]. Ms.Hundley also testified many times at Trial she only signed one Purchase Contract presented to her by Mr.Hunter. In June 2007 when Ms.Hundley sued us she introduced into court as evidence a true copy of her Purchase Contract (through her sworn affidavit). Then during the middle of trial Mr. Blanchard introduced into court another different original Purchase Contract which Mr.Hunter testified he retrieved from Ms.Hundley during the course of trial, this new Purchase Contract was not the same as her sworn true affidavit copy. It was also not the same as the Garniers Purchase Contract [attached] and “Prudential’s” Purchase Contract, all three were different.