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46 the property of $910,000, correct?

47 A No. He did. We wanted to put it on 950 or 965.

[BCSC at para 27] Judge Greyell altered and twisted the evidence before the court.

J.Greyell took a portion of Mr.Hunter’s testimony in response to the Purchase Contract and applied it in reference to the Exclusive Listing Contract.

FACTS; Mr.Hunter testified he was talking about the 13 February, 2007(the Exclusive Contract was signed on February 8, 2007 NOT on the 13th).

When Mr.Hunter did not have Mr.Blanchard to prompt or correct him, he stumbled on his lies. On February 13, 2007 evening Mr.Hunter presented the Garniers with an offer from Ms.Hundley. In his testimony below he clearly remembers telling the Garniers on February 13, 2007 he hopes this would lead to an offer, stumbles on his lies again.

543 Raymond Hunter (a third party)In chief by Mr. Blanchard

28 Q Was there any other discussion that evening that

29 you can recall?

30 A Around about this time, we were getting towards

31 the stage where things were being concluded, and

32 after they had signed the contract, I said, and I

33 can remember saying that I hoped that this would

34 lead to an offer, but that if it didn’t, perhaps

35 we could discuss whether they wanted to put the

36 property on the market.

37 Q I’m sorry, are you talking about February 8th

38 or —

39 A I’m talking about February the 13th.

40 Q 13th.

41 A When we were concluding this contract.

[British Columbia Supreme Court para 32] Again Judge Greyell twisted the evidence.