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22 willing to put their property up for sale for

23 $35,000 less than they had it on — less than they

24 took it off for four months earlier?

25 A No.

26 Q Mr. Hunter, I would put it to you that you didn’t

27 tell them you had Ms. Hundley as a — as a client

28 and that you told them you would get them the best

29 price possible. Is that not true?

30 A That is not true.

31 Q And that you convinced them to list their property

32 at a lower amount so that you — you told them

33 you’d get multiple offers, correct?

34 A No, that’s not correct.

Mr.Hunter altered the Exclusive Listing Contract after the Contract was signed by the Garniers.

Mr. Hunter – Examination for Discovery Transcripts, April 13, 2010

Page 92

2 517 Q And I believe it’s tab 9, it looks on this document,

3 tab 9 in the third party’s list of documents. It

4 looks on had this document it’s been changed to

5 920,000?

6 A That’s correct.

7 518 Q And you changed that?

8 A Yes, I did, at my suggestion.

25 522 Q And you understand that this is a legal document

Page 93

1 signed by to the Garniers?

2 A Yes.

3 523 Q Okay. And why did you not asking them to initial the

4 change?

5 A Well, it wasn’t necessary. You can see that a 1 was

6 very, very easily transformed into a 2. I mean, if

7 the number had been crossed out, was in any form

8 distorted then obviously it would have been

9 initialed.

10 524 Q So it’s your understanding if a change is easy it

11 doesn’t have to be initialed?

12 MR. BLANCHARD: Don’t answer that.

Mr. Hunter Trial transcripts Vol.4.

671 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party) Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

22 Q And at one point in this meeting, you make the

23 change on the terms of sale from 910 to 920,

24 correct?

25 A Yes.

26 Q Okay. And you understand this is a contract

27 between yourself and the Garniers?