Our Story

12 A Well, the property was always a development

13 property. It was a development property when they

14 put it on the market, you know, six or seven years

15 before that. Through three listings it was always

16 a development property.

[BCSC at para 7] Judge Greyell covered up and misrepresented the evidence.

FACTS: Mr.Hunter retrieved our personal and property information from the old MLS Expired Listings database that only Realtors have access to[Evidence listed above under MLS EXPIRED LISTINGS].

[BCSC at para 9] Judge Greyell altered the evidence.

FACTS: It was Mr.Hunter who told Ms.Hundley he would find out if the Garniers were interested in selling, NOT Ms.Hundley.

Mr.Hunter’s Examination for Discovery transcripts

Page 51.

21 305 Q And you told Ms. Hundley that you would see if the

22 Garniers, although their property was no longer on

23 the market, if they would be interested in selling

24 the property; correct?

25 A Yes.

Ms. Hundley’s trial transcript

7 Lucy Hundley (the Plaintiff)In chief by Mr. McKendrick

39 Q Now, you talked about the fact that he had — he

40 told you he had located this property and he

41 described it to you and that he asked you if you

42 wanted to have a look at it. So what happened

43 next?

44 A He said would you like to see it, and I said yes.

[BCSC at para 10 – 22] Judge Greyell voided the “EXCLUSIVE LISTING CONTRACT(which is the Agency Relationship Agreement).


Greyell voided this Contract because the terms of the Exclusive Listing Contract between the Garniers, Mr.Hunter and “Prudential” were strong evidence that Mr.Hunter did not disclose to the Garniers he had a buyer or that he was the agent for Ms.Hundley. Judge Greyell also misrepresented the terms of the Garniers Purchase Contract Exhibit D” and covered up the evidence that Mr.Hunter had secretly constructed multiple original Purchase Contracts and failed to disclose them

[BCSC at para 25] Again Judge Greyell misrepresented the evidence.

FACTS: Mr.Hunter suggested the listing price of $910 and later changed it to $920,000 without getting his changes initialed by the Garniers.

312 Susan Garnier (a defendant) In chief by Mr. Davison

21 Q Okay. And what do you recall about that meeting?