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FACTS: At her Examination for Discovery Ms.Hundley falsely testified under oath that she only received a one page handwritten letter from Mr.Garnier. Then almost two years later Ms.Hundley altered her testimony at trial; she suddenly remembered receiving a copy of the letter to Wally Oppal.

Ms. Hundley Examination for Discovery transcripts February 26, 2009

Page 37

12 282 Q Okay. And we’ll get to that letter, I think. You’re

13 talking about the letter to Mr. Oppal?

14 A No, to me personally.

Page 56

8 427 Q So you mentioned earlier that you saw a letter. What

9 letter were you talking about? You don’t recall?

10 Was it to you?

11 A A handwritten letter from Mr. Garnier.

12 428 Q A handwritten letter or — how long was that letter?

13 A It was just on one page.

16 430 Q So you never saw a copy of a letter to a Mr. Wally

17 Oppal?

18 A I didn’t see the previous letter.

19 431 Q Okay. You haven’t seen — have you ever seen any

20 other letters other than the handwritten letter?

21 A Just the handwritten letter to myself.

22 432 Q Have you supplied that to your counsel?

23 A Yes, I have.

24 MR. DAVISON: Do you recall seeing it?

25 MR. MCKENDRICK: I don’t have all the documents that we have. It

Ms. Hundley Examination for Discovery transcripts February 26, 2009

Page 57

1 might be helpful if you show Ms. Hundley the letter

2 of the 21st of April.

3 MR. DAVISON: Is that the letter with the handwritten —

4 Sorry, we’re just going off the record for a

5 second.



8 433 Q Ms. Hundley, is that the letter that you’re talking

9 about? That’s not a handwritten letter, though, is

10 it?

11 A No, I never received this.

Page 58

6 439 Q So in April sometime most likely?

7 How long was it? One page? Two pages?

8 A I believe it was just one page.

11 441 Q And it was just from Francis Garnier?

12 A Francis.

Ms.Hundley committed perjury: At her examination for discovery Ms.Hundley testified had never seen the Wally Oppal letter when it was put before her, then almost two years later at Trial she altered her evidence.