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  1. EXCLUSIVE LISTING CONTRACT (The Agency Agreement) [attached].

Mr.Hunter acquired an Exclusive Listing Contract from the Garniers under False Pretense and fraud, crimes under section 361, 362, 380 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

Raymond Hunter Examination for discovery transcripts April 13, 2010.

Page 82

10 469 Q Mr. Hunter, under tab 9 — or document 9, sorry, of

11 third party documents, you see that that’s a

12 three-page document titled “Exclusive Listing

13 Contract.” Do you see that?

14 A Yeah.

15 470 Q Is this the contract that you had the Garniers sign?

16 A Yes.

17 471 Q And you say that was on — in your first meeting with

18 the Garniers at their home on February 8th?

19 A That’s correct.

20 472 Q And why did you not give the Garniers a dual listing

21 agreement at this point?

22 MR. BLANCHARD: Don’t answer that.

Page 86

17 491 Q Okay. And this document, exclusive listing contract,

18 which is under tab 9, that was prefilled out by your

19 office?

20 A No.

21 492 Q Who filled out the names?

22 A That would have been done by me.

23 493 Q That was done at your office at home?

24 A No, I did that.

25 494 Q But sorry, where did you do it?

page 87

1 A At my home office.

page 96

15 528 Q So you went there with the intention of Garniers

16 obviously signing this contract; correct? You’ve got

17 their names on it?

18 A I went there as a good realtor should, prepared with

19 documentation in the event that certain circumstances

20 would happen.

More evidence that Mr.Hunter committed Fraud, False Pretense

a) Mr.Hunter provided the Garniers with low comparable from the previous year(2006).

601 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

40 Q And you bring comparables to assist them with

41 that —

42 A That’s right.

43 Q — decision?

44 And with the Garniers it was obviously your

45 determination which comparables to bring?

46 A Yes.

47 Q Okay. And that’s — So they were relying on that

602 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 you brought the correct comparables —

2 A Yes.

3 Q — to assess the price?