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13 for a moment.


15 MR. DAVISON: I request the originals of contract to purchase and

16 sale and limited dual agency agreement, which are at

17 tab 12 and 13 of the third party’s documents.

18 (REQUEST NO. 8: Provide originals of contract to

19 purchase and sale and limited dual agency agreement)

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4 1070 Q I note they’re not listed. Is there any other

5 documents that you are suggesting are privileged

6 in this matter?

7 MR. BLANCHARD: That would be my decision whether to classify

8 them as privileged. Yes, there are documents that

9 are privileged.


16 1072 Q Fair enough. Are there any documents you haven’t

17 disclosed in the Garnier matter?

18 A Not that I am aware of.

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22 1292 Q And so is it your practice to — the Garniers

23 signed this with the addition on it and did you

24 give them a copy at that point?

25 A Yes, quite obviously the one that you showed me

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1 here is the one that you have in your possession.

2 1293 Q So you gave them a copy?

3 A I gave them a copy, yes.

After Mr. Hunter secrets were exposed he altered his testimony at Trial(Mr.Hunter’s Transcripts Vol. 4]

680 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

11 Q When this claim was proceeding and you were named

12 as a third party, you knew at that point that

13 there was three original contracts out there,

14 correct?

15 A I knew that I had prepared three, yes.

16 Q And which one are you going by or do you feel is

17 the original that is the valid contract between

18 the parties?

19 A Well, the — Mr. and Mrs. Garniers’ —

20 MR. McKENDRICK: Well, My Lord, it’s actually us

21 that’s going by the contract. It’s — It’s our

22 case, we’re the plaintiff, and the one we have put

23 forward is the one that was obtained from

24 Prudential. I mean, I don’t think Mr. Hunter

25 cares one way or another what contract is proved.

26 That’s our issue.

Hunter’s Trial Transcripts

678 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison