Our Story

2 twisted your words into my mouth saying that my

3 wife and I we went and signed two contract. There

4 was no two contract. It was the same contract.

5 We didn’t sign two contract.

Mr.Blanchard tried his best to confuse Mr.Garnier as he would ask him to turn to a certain page in the book of documents but ask him questions based on a different page.

242 Francis Garnier (a Defendant)Cross-exam by Mr. Blanchard

43 Q — true?

44 A — a minute. Just a minute. [Pause]

45 Yes, that’s true.

46 Q Okay. Can you turn the page to Question 501.

47 Page 73, Question 501.

243 Francis Garnier (a Defendant)Cross-exam by Mr. Blanchard

1 A 73 …

2 Q The bottom of the page.

3 Oh, I’m sorry, you’re looking at a condensed

4 form.

28 A Just hold on. I’m lost here.

29 MR. DAVISON: Sorry, —

30 A Can you —

31 MR. DAVISON: — where are we?


33 Q Okay. I’m — I went to the next page, —

34 A Oh.

35 Q — page 74. I will start with Question 502.

36 MR. DAVISON: Right here.

37 A Okay. Thank you.

Mr.Hunter Examination for Discovery -April 13, 2010. Undisclosed multiple original purchase contracts.

Page 148

12 825 Q Where are the originals of these documents?

13 A The originals. I may have them. The office may have

14 them.

15 826 Q You haven’t disclosed them to your counsel?

16 A Well, they’re true copies. There are no changes

17 to — wherever the originals are, there are no

18 changes to the what you see before you.

Page 149

4 829 Q Yeah. And do you have — do you know if you have the

5 original or if Prudential has the original?

6 A Well, I could certainly find out, but —

7 MR. BLANCHARD: Is there an issue?

8 MR. DAVISON: Sorry. Are you asking me?

9 MR. BLANCHARD: Yes. I mean I assume you’re going to ask us to

10 produce the originals.

11 MR. DAVISON: Well, if it’s somewhere, we can either go to it or —

12 MR. BLANCHARD: Well, it’s not here but — let’s go off the record