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14 Q It says they contacted a lawyer. Did you ever

15 find out that was Mindy Jong?

16 A No.

19 Q So you knew at that point that they had contacted

20 a lawyer about this agreement?

21 A That’s what the message says.

22 Q Okay. And that’s what was passed on to you?

23 That’s what I’m just not clear on, is what did

24 Joan tell you?

25 A I don’t remember. I don’t remember.

Mindy Jong, a member of the legal community testified falsely under Oath that she had no idea about the Garniers terminating the Purchase Contract when it was Ms.Jong who advised the Garniers about it. Ms. Jong took advantage of the fact that the Garniers had lost their computer data and that is why she testified falsely; however after trial the Garniers found a hard copy of Mindy Jong’s Statement of Account dated April 17, 2007 which poves Ms.Jong was not a credible witness.

The following is a few lines from Mindy Jong’s Statement of Account dated April 17, 2007.[attached].

Telephone to client re: attending to discuss and to take instructions from client re: termination of contract”

to all discussions with the clients relating to the proposed termination of the Contract of Purchase and Sale and issues concerning the realtor, R.Hunter”

339 Mindy Jong (an adverse witness)Cross-exam by Mr. McKendrick

42 Q All right. And the Garniers at this point didn’t

43 express any intention to you that they weren’t

44 going to close?

45 A No.

Due to the space limit it is difficult to list more of the transcriptional evidence against the deeply embedded fabrications, distortions, misrepresentations of the court evidence hy judge Greyell.

The following are a few more in addition to the above listed transcripts.

[BCSC at para 1 and 2] Judge Greyell misrepresented, altered and covered up the evidence.

FACTS: Ms.Hundley did not enter into a contract of purchase and sale on February 12, 2007.

Ms. Hundley falsely testified she did not make an Offer to purchase the Garniers property and that it was Mr. Hunter who brought her an Offer.

Lucy Hundley’s Examination for Discovery transcripts page 22 and 23.

1 173 Q Did you make an offer to purchase the property?

2 A No.