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18 A Well, it shows up on the expired listing.

19 You know, the owner’s name is shown there.

510 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

13 Q All right. Go on. You were mentioning that

14 Mrs. Garnier showed you this document?

15 A Yes. And she at that point, I can’t remember

16 whether she brought out her previous year’s

17 assessment or whether I had it, but if I had it,

18 it would be because I had brought it up. These

19 assessments come up on the real estate board

20 computer, and they’re a combination of what the

21 real estate board provides plus the city of

22 Vancouver legal description and taxes. So if we

23 are researching a property for the legals, we

24 bring that up.

Raymond Hunter Examination for Discovery