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9 recording machine with me, so if you’re asking if

10 I can prove that in — in those terms, no.

20 Q But nowhere do you have any evidence other than

21 your testimony that you told the Garniers that you

22 were, A, already working for Ms. Hundley, and B,

23 going to be acting as a dual agent with them on

24 the February 8th meeting?

25 A In relation to your question, I don’t know how it

26 would be possible to prove that, unless, as I

27 said, you literally had a recording device on the

28 wall.

29 Q Do you think getting the limited dual agency

30 agreement signed on February 8th would be proof? 31 A Again, the limited dual agency situation was

32 premature on the 8th. On the 8th of February I

33 had no indication from Mrs. Hundley that she was

34 going to write an offer on the 12th. She did not

35 give me instructions as to the fact that she

36 wished to discuss writing an offer until the

37 evening of the 11th.

38 Q To answer my question, though, do you feel it

39 would be proof that you told the Garniers that

40 you, A, were acting for Ms.Hundley, the potential

41 buyer, and B, acting in a dual agency situation

42 had you gotten them to signed a limited dual

43 agency agreement on February —

44 A It’s irrelevant. The limited dual agency document

45 was not called for or required on the 8th because

46 the situation simply had not developed.

664 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party) Cross-exam by Mr.Davison

42 Q I’ve read out a few things here in this — in this

43 manual. Do you see anywhere that it says that,

44 this Licensee Practice Manual for 2006? Do you,

45 see anywhere it talks about prior to a contract?

46 A In what you’ve shown me, no.

667 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party) Cross-exam by Mr.Davison

3 Q Now, on the last page, page 3 of 3, there’s — you

4 again drafted this exclusive listing contract

5 Schedule A?