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25 a certain amount of profit, and we haven’t — I

26 don’t know if you know, but we haven’t discussed

27 what that profit would be, and you would be

28 required to do a pro forma to get a sense of what

29 that profit would be, do you know how

30 Ms. Hundley’s — what her — what was her criteria

31 of not looking or looking at property? Did she

32 give you a dollar value?

33 A Essentially we were looking somewhere around

34 about — as I recall, somewhere around about a

35 million dollars, give or take.

36 Q So a hundred —

37 A And prefer —

38 Q — thousand — Sorry.

39 A Preferably, you know, less.

42 Q Okay. And when you say approximate, did you have

43 that discussion? Does that mean 900,000 to a

44 hundred and — 1,100,000? Or what’s approximate?

45 Did Ms. Hundley give you a sense of what she meant

46 by that?

47 A Well, I can’t remember the exact figures, but, you

591 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

1 know, I — I do recall that, you know,

2 Mrs. Hundley and I had discussions about what she

3 would be putting down as a down payment, that type

4 of thing. Again that would be part of my job as a

5 realtor. Although I had dealt with Mrs. Hundley

6 for a number of years, you know, I would feel

7 responsibility in allowing her to get involved in

8 a property without knowing that, you know, she was

9 financially going to be able to handle the

10 situation. And I — However, again I stress the

11 fact that Mrs. Hundley is very independently

12 minded, but going into a project like this, we

13 would have discussed, you know, price parameters.

613 Raymond Hunter (a Third Party)Cross-exam by Mr. Davison

45 Q We’ll see that you’ve outlined — or I think we’ve

46 already seen — that Ms. Hundley can make

47 approximately $700,000 profit on this property,

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1 and I’m wondering did you tell the Garniers that

2 they could make $700,000 if they could afford or